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Exhibitor Booth Registration

60 Spaces- First Come, First Serve RESERVE YOUR SPACE TODAY

Exhibitor Registration Includes:

  • One (1) 10’ x 8’ Booth
  • One (1)- 8’ Floor length draped Table
  • Electric Service at Booth*
  • Lead Capturing Provided
  • Complete List of all Trade Show attendees provided, with Owner/GM level contact info for all pre-registered restaurants, plus a final list of all restaurant attendees after the show
*Electric limited to: Standard 120V only, with 2-3 Outlets provided. MAX TOTAL per BOOTH of 40Amps OR 4,000 Watts

Registration Application:

(Exactly as it should appear on printed materials… you will receive a proof confirmation)

Food and/or Beverage Exhibitors:

If “Yes”, A Trade Show Coordinator will contact you promptly and review your specific situation to best accommodate your needs.

Please take note of the following info to help facilitate this discussion:

On Premise Kitchen Access
  • Is limited to Venue Catering staff only
  • Fully operational kitchen with all cooking methods: fryers, oven, flattop, etc…
  • Fully trained kitchen staff with an Organized Order System for Cooking/reheating your Food products will be provided, based on your specific instructions and equipment provided with a Runner Delivery/Pick Up” system
Cooking/Heating On site at Booth
  • Electric service at booths is provided for cooking
  • Each Single Booth location is currently limited to Standard 120V, with 2-3 Outlets provided.MAX TOTAL per BOOTH of: 40Amps OR 4,000 Watts
  • Electric Cooking/Heating Equipment is limited to Hot Plates, Skillets (With grease guards), Crock Pots, and similar equipment
  • NO OPEN FLAMES cooking. Sternos or similar holding products are allowed
  • Cooking at Booth Requires a prior authorization and confirmation of cooking scope with strict adherence to ensure:
    • First and foremost, the Safety and welfare of all persons attending the show
    • Overall Cooking load will not trigger fire suppression system
    • Electrical system load is not exceeded

Equipment/Supplies/Non-Food/Bev Products OR Business Services:

If yes, please note following:

  • Each Single Booth location is currently limited to Standard 120V, with 2-3 Outlets provided.
  • MAX TOTAL per BOOTH of 40Amps OR 4,000 Watts.
Please share any info or questions you may have or provide additional accommodation concerns that have not been specifically addressed. We will respond promptly.

Exhibitor Fee- $500.00 USD per single booth reservation

All Booth Package applications are subject to final approval confirmation which is provided on a first come, first serve basis. Any applications that are not approved will be fully refunded to applicant, without penalty.

Booth Package Registration may be cancelled without penalty (Fully refunded) until Dec 31st. Cancellation after this deadline will result in forfeiture of booth fees for this event*.

The undersigned makes application for exhibit space at the Tampa Bay Area Restaurant Food & Trade Show and agrees to adhere to all rules and regulations imposed by show management, show venue, and all other show service vendors.

*If you (or we) are able to find an approved exhibitor to take your booth reservation, then the Booth Package Registration may be refunded, in part or in full, at our sole discretion.

You Have To Pay: $500.00 USD

We accepted