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Grampa’s Bakery & Restaurant

I have been the General Manager for Grampas Bakery and Restaurant for 35 years.  We have been members of the FRPG program for more than 10 years. I found out about FRPG when a coffee salesman from Brisk coffee brought me an invoice from a customer in Lakeland Florida. That customer was buying coffee from Royal Cup coffee. The pricing on the invoice was about 15% cheaper for the exact same coffee I was purchasing from Royal Cup. The Brisk coffee salesman implied that I was being taken advantage of. Without the Brisk Coffee Salesman knowing I wrote down the name of the restaurant. A day or so later I called the restaurant and asked to speak to the owner. I explained to him the reason for my call. He simply said the reason he was getting a great price on the Royal Cup Coffee was that he was a member of FRPG “Florida Restaurant Purchasing Group”. After hanging up with him I called FRPG to find out what they did. They completely changed the way we purchase everything we use in the restaurant. There Network of Companies and manufacturers cover the entire industry. You simply tell your suppliers that you are a member of FRPG and your bottom line changes in seconds. We get rebate checks from every manufacture we deal with, we get automatic special pricing from every Distributor we deal with (No Haggling Needed). We also get a rebate check from FRPG every year that is bigger than five digits. I work directly with FRPG on improving our experience with our suppliers and they respond to every request. If you own a Restaurant or Manage a Restaurant do your self a favor and call FRPG to find out for yourself how you can save MONEY. Don’t wait till the Brisk Coffee Salesman walks in.

Jim-Customer Reviews on FRPG Service
General Manager
Rusty Bellies Waterfront Grill

Rusty Bellies Waterfront Grill has been an FRPG member for over 15 years. During this time, we have enjoyed the amazing benefits of special pricing, exclusive rebates, and privilege or partnering with the top purveyors in the hospitality industry. This has helped maintain a healthy bottom line as well as network with other local businesses in the community. The FRPG program has been a tremendous asset to our small family-owned restaurant, with their constant support and advocacy. 

Marku-Customer Reviews on FRPG Service
Woody's River Roo Pub and Grill

There are always struggles in when you’re an independent operator, from who didn’t show up to the bathrooms need attention! Then there is food cost, to menu design, and how much does this bottle of ketchup cost me? When it comes to a helping hand, FRPG is a solid teammate! We have been a member of the group for several years and the impact has been huge. Knowing that you have the power to purchase products at a low cost and increase your profitability takes a load off the mind. There are numerous items that we have integrated into our restaurant that has not only customer recognition, but savings for us. With this savings and utilization of FRPG’s programs we have been able to keep our menu costs inline and be competitive in today’s market. We thank FRPG and all of their team for the helping in keeping us on top of the best deals and continuing a fantastic partnership.

Shawn-Customer Reviews on FRPG Service
Breakfast Station

Breakfast Station has been a part of FRPG since it’s opening and we are very pleased with the customer service, product and attentiveness we receive. If there has been an issue that we have come across, the FRPG representatives are quick to respond and are always on your side! We would like to make mention to a particular representative that has been nothing but outstanding to us – Anna! She is great! Anna makes us feel like we are part of a family, she is extremely quick to respond and has always gotten us what we needed. The benefits of being an FRPG member are wonderful and beneficial to our business! We would recommend it to all business owners!

Smith-Customer Reviews on FRPG Service
Seminole Subs & Gyros

I’ve been a member of FRPG since 1993 when I opened my first restaurant. Over the years FRPG has helped me grow as I have expanded business and locations. Over the years FRPG has helped provide me with technology tools to help me with my food costs controls, credit cards, and beverages but also a workman’s comp program that I never knew existed. To top things off you personally helped me with an issue that I have been battling for a year and couldn’t get resolved, yet you get it done in 2 days. It’s people like you that help makes FRPG a great program for smaller independent restaurants.

Jake-Customer Reviews on FRPG Service
Skate World

I have been a part of the FRPG family for several years now.  I am a 3rd generation skating rink operator and run a small cafe out of my business.  I met Louis at a food show and he immediately took interest in my business even though I’m not a big restaurant chain with hundreds of employees.  Right away, he wanted to know how he and FRPG could help me grow my business.  They offer opportunities that you wouldn’t find elsewhere and put you in contact with people in the community such as credit card merchants, linen services, local bakery and produce companies, and services that help with payroll and workers compensation.  They truly care about how they can help you and your business.  Customer service has been lost in so many areas of business but also life in general, but not at FRPG.  I am proud to be a member of this great company.  

Paul-Customer Reviews on FRPG Service
Mr. Dunderbak’s

I would like to thank FRPG and the companies involved with their program.  I have an independent restaurant that has a tough time competing with the large chain restaurants when it comes to buying power.  With the help of FRPG I have seen my costs stabilize or in some instances go down as well as receive our annual rebate check.  The people of FRPG are always very helpful with any questions or quotes I have requested over the many years we have participated with their programs.  I would recommend it to anyone in the restaurant industry.

Luke-Customer Reviews on FRPG Service

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Foodservice Restaurant Partners Group (FRPG) is a National Group Purchasing Organization and Marketing Company that aligns Distributors, Manufacturers, Ancillary Service with price stability to our members. From casual dining to upscale, we serve restaurants with every kind of menu imaginable. Our members consist of independent restaurants, multi-units and regional chains. As an FRPG member, you will always have access to the finest quality products. We build strong partnerships with distributors and manufacturers for premium quality products and services that are willing to work with FRPG to enhance the strategy of price stability.

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