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FRPG is Your Partner in Purchasing

Our mission is to ensure you are maximizing your distribution partnership, with enhanced incentives based on product mix and contracted pricing from some of the top Foodservice Manufacturers. The best part is that you remain in control of your purchasing decisions. FRPG is managed by restaurant owners. We believe that in order to represent the members properly, we know from firsthand experience what the market is experiencing.

“We live the experience, not preach it.”

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FRPG provides a comprehensive selection of food products, ingredients, and restaurant supplies.

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We work with some of the top food manufacturers in the industry to provide you with national brand products.

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-Customer Reviews on FRPG Service
-Customer Reviews on FRPG Service
-Customer Reviews on FRPG Service
-Customer Reviews on FRPG Service

Who We Are

We bring together the best operators to form one of the largest food service buying organizations in the country

Foodservice Restaurant Partners Group (FRPG) is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) that provides significant value to restaurants in various ways. Here are some of the key benefits that restaurants can gain by joining FRPG: 

1. Cost Savings: FRPG leverages the collective purchasing power of its members to negotiate discounts, and rebates, focused on cost management savings and favorable conditions with suppliers. Restaurants can significantly reduce their procurement costs for various goods and services, including food and beverages, kitchen equipment, cleaning supplies, and more. 

2. Access to Exclusive Deals: FRPG has access to exclusive deals and promotions that individual restaurants may not be able to secure on their own. These exclusive agreements can result in even more substantial savings. 

3. Reduced Administrative Burden: FRPG streamlines the procurement process by managing supplier relationships, negotiations, and contracts on behalf of its members. This frees up restaurant staff from time-consuming procurement tasks, allowing them to focus on core operations. 

4. Vendor Selection and Quality Assurance: FRPG works with a network of approved suppliers, ensuring that restaurants have access to reputable vendors. This can help restaurants maintain consistent quality and reliability in their supply chain. 

5. Diverse Supplier Options: FRPG provides a wide range of suppliers, allowing restaurants to explore different options and find the best fit for their specific needs. This flexibility can be especially valuable for restaurants with diverse menus and requirements. 

6. Volume Discounts: FRPG can negotiate volume discounts that individual restaurants wouldn't be able to achieve on their own. This is particularly beneficial to its membership. 

7. Competitive Advantage: By reducing costs, FRPG enables restaurants to remain competitive in their pricing and offerings, which can help attract and retain customers. 

8. Compliance and Standardization: FRPG can help restaurants ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards.  

9. Expertise and Support: FRPG has knowledgeable staff who can provide expertise and guidance on procurement best practices, industry trends, and cost-saving strategies. 

10. Networking and Community: Being part of FRPG you have access to restaurants with a community of like-minded businesses. This networking can lead to valuable insights, partnerships, and collaboration opportunities. 

11. Scale for Growth: As restaurants expand, their purchasing needs can become more complex. FRPG has access to services that can scale their services to meet the growing needs of restaurant chains and multi-location businesses. 

12. Sustainability Initiatives: FRPG works with suppliers that offer sustainable and eco-friendly products, helping restaurants align with environmental goals and consumer preferences. 

In summary, the value of FRPG to restaurants lies in its ability to drive cost savings, improve procurement efficiency, ensure quality and compliance, and provide access to a network of suppliers and resources. Joining FRPG can be a strategic decision for restaurants looking to optimize their operations and bottom line. 

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FRPG caters to everyone’s needs by providing the restaurant food supplies right on time. So, we live up to the expectations of our clients who are dependent on us.



While focusing on creating a strong network with different food suppliers and manufacturers, we maintain 100% transparency in our procurement and supply chains.





We never compromise with the quality of restaurant food supplies, no matter whether they are easily available or seldom ordered. Our goal is to establish a proper sync between different restaurants based on 100% quality.




Our company is dedicated to fulfill every demand or order on time and that too without compromising the quality. So, every client receives 100% satisfaction from our end.